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My Forever

May 19, 2017
By QueenKylie GOLD, Itasca, Texas
QueenKylie GOLD, Itasca, Texas
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My forever
You make me smile like crazy
Even when I feel so lazy
I get up to be around you
I have the feeling you knew
Exactly how to get through to me
Somehow you found the key
To my heart
But it was broken apart
And so you had to heal
It before you could steal
It, you sewed my heart back together
Like a pair of old worn out jeans
I guess you had the means
To make me believe in forever
But I really don’t know
Sometimes I think I should have said no
Yeah he broke my heart
Completely apart
But you broke it first
I don’t know if you thirst
For my seemingly endless pain
But somehow I love you all the same
Please don’t make this a very messed up game
Ask for my heart you do
So I gave it all to you
It’s only been three days
Love pays
I feel more than okay
You are my bae
Thanks to you I now believe
That we can be together
And with you I have finally found my forever

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because of the drama with boys living in the world of 2018

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