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Lies and Honesty: My Story

March 22, 2017
By LeahStoddard SILVER, Saratoga Springs, Utah
LeahStoddard SILVER, Saratoga Springs, Utah
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An honest mind will never die,
And never come to say goodbye.
A conscience seared, though, cannot grow;
And will forever, bring you woe.
A liar's mind: it's all the game
With stories new, it has to frame.
And truth and error, blend anew,
What others cannot see right through.


But truth will never play the game,
That only ever brings you shame.
It takes a while, but they you'll see,
You have built your history.
And then when all that's left is you,
And everything that's just and true.
So tell the truth, now, come what may,
So you may say at that great day:
"I'm honest, pure, I will not lie.
I know myself, I did not "try!"
And now I stand here, tall and straight,
My mind is clear, I've cleaned my slate.
And though once dirty, now it's clean,
I now can stand, tall as a queen."


No reason have I, to be afraid,
My honesty, I will not trade.
I've seen the other's minds' degrade...
And lies will always, forever invade.
I've felt the past, my own mistakes,
And now for others, my heart breaks.
A blunder, slip, or oversight,
And now, poor thing, no will to fight!
Their hearts are empty, no more soul.
Because of lies, an empty hole.

That's how I was, but I broke free!
And maybe, now, I'll help you see.
So if I can, but make one change,
T'would be to heal and then exchange.
A heart that's crumbling, tired and bent,
And give it now, a true intent.
To live a life, that's full and clean,
With stories you have never seen.


You now may say, I cannot change,
That's what I said, in my derange.
But now you know, the secret key:
It always starts with honesty.
A prayer will never see you right
If you will not do the right,
And sacrifice will be the key
And if you fall, again, you'll see
Do not fear! You still can be!
You have a friend, who will believe.
And who will stand, just by your sleeve,
And point an arrow, just ahead,
And show you now where you now should tread.
Where ere you go, they'll always stand,
And point you to a different land.
Inside your head, you know what's right;
You can avoid, and lie in spite,
of all the truth you have around
A lie will always keep you bound.
You do not know, what is not seen,
Or how it feels, to be serene.
Perhaps you ought, to stop and think,
Not of yourself, for then you'll shrink!
Come closer, maybe you will see
Who God created, you to be.


Oh, God! You scream, "Tried Him before.
He's nothing but an old eyesore,
A fake old tale, for people's dreams
Of unicorns and warm sunbeams.
--I'm a kid, who looks for more.
It doesn't work, so please don't bore."
That's how I thought, and real it was
And in my mind it was because
I couldn't see what others saw
But still I lied, bout' other things
But truth can hurt, it hurts and stings!
For who God is, you do not know,
For what you'll reap, you always sow.
God's different--always--than you think:
Now you know, so doublethink.


And once you've tried to change . . . 


I promise you will feel more raw,
And now you will see every flaw
T'was hidden in your mind before!
You may well feel . . . rather sore.
But keep in mind, the pain will fade!
And even though you may have strayed,
A heart once frozen, now is thawed!
A now you kneel, with feet unshod.
A future now for you is giv'n:
And if you change, you'll be forgiven.


Now or later, you will see.
Once and for all, what you will be.

The author's comments:

This is my story.

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