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February 3, 2017
By rainissa SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
rainissa SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
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For the first time, I didn't panic and

press my mouth to yours as fast I could. 

I held your eyes until 

you leaned forward and kissed me

and we went down like a tree toppling. 

My beanie fell off

(because my head was over the edge of the bed)

and we laughed about it 

right then

and there. 


For the first time, 

I lost count of kisses. 

Like tangled hair, they were erratic and

strewn everywhere. 


You buried your head in the warmth

flowing over my neck

Caressed my ear and

stamped my throat with kisses

Heavy ribcage holding me down like a paperweight

And I struggled upwards

pushed up against you and rolled us over. 


For the first time,

I climbed on top of you

spread my legs on either side of yours,

worked my way down the skin of your neck

and the canyons of your collarbone 


God, they were as soft and pale as cream. 


I even let my tongue graze you 

before I swept upwards

and tugged your earlove in between my lips. 


You gasped a little 

when I did that. 


For the first time,

I raised myself up from your mouth

on my hands and knees,

on all fours

with you beneath me

Staring into your face

and you staring into mine

with my hair dripping oil-dark iridesence

around us. 

And in the cool half-darkness


were, we just


this way. 


I think in that moment,

indulged in the basest type of pleasure, 

we were a pair of gods, 



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