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Wandering Dreams

January 25, 2017
By E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
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Sitting on the seashore,
Thinking of every closed door,
Her eyes began to water,

Everything began to get hotter,

A few tears rolled down her cheeks,

Why can she not get what she seeks?

Hearts broken, destroyed dreams everywhere,

Such a lot of losses left to bear,

No one remains to help in her trials,

Alone against the world and all its lies,

All she wanted was blissful peace,

But pains never seem to cease,

She now wished to be a carefree boy,

And endlessly play with her childhood toy,

But everything can’t be what you wish,

And she’ll have to content herself with the fish!

The author's comments:

You cannot always get what you wish to achieve....so just try to enjoy life as it is and "go with the flow"

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