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You are all you have!

December 21, 2016
By Sauntering_expressions PLATINUM, New Delhi, Indiana
Sauntering_expressions PLATINUM, New Delhi, Indiana
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I am a respirating being!
I have feelings for various creatures!
I am sensitive!
I am emotional!
I act on things consciously and unconsciously at times!
I regret things I should not!
I put people's feelings, their interests,their preferences and etc. before mine because I feel it's important!
It's important to make other's happy!
Because in this long run of life all you have is support and love from the people near and dear to you!
You may get hurt or may kill your interests and opinions for the sake of others,but there is always a limit to it!
There arises a need to understand that all you have done is enough and it's time for you to stop!
Stop killing yourself because obviously limits are limited.
And these limitations not only bind you to confirm to particular laid down universal norms but in turn helps you realise your worth ,your opinion and your interests!
It's fine to put others before you but it is not acceptable to kill yourself for it!
Stand for yourself!
Get your opinions and your wants straight and put your points in front of people you think you should!
Because at the end, you are all you have!

The author's comments:

You are all you have!
It totally depends upon your conscience to remember and react to the above mentioned line.
It totally depends upon your definition of being happy and then working for your happiness!

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