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Behind Me

November 29, 2016
By Nated315 DIAMOND, Georgetown, New York
Nated315 DIAMOND, Georgetown, New York
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Truth has many shades. It's not a matter of black and white, but many grays.


Clicking the heel of my sneakers on the pavement

Of the cracked road.

Echoes from my feet and the pavement

Ricochet off of the buildings all around.

Street lights are the only thing keeping me warm

On this dark, december night.


Click, Click, Tap, Tap...

Sounds made by feel,

But not my own.

Behind me,

It seems.


I turn around,

Peak over my shoulder

To find nothing.


I turn around again,

And continue walking. 

My echoing footsteps get dround out by the ones behind me.

I peek again, 

A man in a suit stands there.


He is tall,

Long arms, 

Long Long legs,

No face?


I turn,

Tell myself to keep calm.

I start out in a run

And a rustle comes from the trees,

I glance back,

Nobody is behind me.


The leaves in the woods,

Just to the left of me

Scream as they're crushed underfoot

As I stand, paralysed in the road.


I start to breathe hard,

To scared to move.

The streat light starts to flicker

And wink out after just a few moments.

Everything goes blank.


I pull out my phone

And dial my mom's number.


When she answers, all I hear is static.

The author's comments:

This piece is inspired about my irrational fear of slenderman.

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