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Running Away

October 26, 2016
By AddyE.Z. BRONZE, Myerstown, Pennsylvania
AddyE.Z. BRONZE, Myerstown, Pennsylvania
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Feet pounding, heart racing,
trying to keep it at bay.
It's chasing me,
I'll never get away.

It's catching up,
I feel it today,
It's presences like a winter storm.
I'll never get away.

The tears multiply,
I'm its prey.
My legs are rubber.
I'll never get away

Depression is seeping in,
Darkening my soul as a replay.
I'll never make it.
I'll never get away.

It's caught up.
It's pulling me down today.
Sadness, fear, unworthiness.
I'll never get away.

Why do I fight it?
I nearly get ahead, out of the gray,
And then it caches up.
I'll never get away.

I'm worthless,
I'm useless,
I'm an awkward freak.
I'll never get away.

I will never get away from it

The author's comments:

I run Cross Country and I tried to capture the feeling of exhaustion and tie it in with the feeling of depression, which I have also felt.

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