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Love Songs From Beyond The Pale

August 24, 2016
By ClaraJoy GOLD, Arlington, Virginia
ClaraJoy GOLD, Arlington, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes I freeze...until the light comes
Sometimes I fly...into the night
Sometimes I fight...against the darkness
Sometimes I'm wrong...sometimes I'm right."
-Geddy Lee sang it, Neil Peart wrote it.

It’s easier to hate someone than to love them,
The feeling is fervid and zealous,
Easy to ignite and facile to sustain. 
It’s undeniably seductive, much more so than love. 
Love involves vulnerability and persistence,
Both of which are antithetical to the human survival instinct. 
Love is undeniably altruistic,
As opposed to the primal instinct for reproduction,
Which is as easy to kindle as hatred. 
Hatred, while easy to sustain, is impermanent,
Leaving only a passing shadow. 
Once we have passed on, into whatever deeps or skies await us,
Where is the permanence of our hate?
Will our bête noires see us off, saying;
“She hated us, and she was right to!”
I think not--
(Empty rows of empty chairs)
Love, however, outlives us, and, perhaps, everything. 
Our love proves that we have the capability to be bigger than our biology, 
That we have the tenacity to love whoever is around us,
Despite the fact that there is nothing to justify our love. 
Unconditional love is not a carte blanche,
A permission to do whatever we will.
Unconditional love is a high water mark that we strive to meet every day for the entirety of our life.
We may know we do not deserve his or her or their love,
But we will attempt to become that person,
And we become better for it. 
Hatred is a blemish on our character,
But love becomes a part of us,
Fervid and zealous,
Patient and kind,
Furious and striving,
Beautiful and abiding. 
So when we pass on, into whatever deeps or skies await us,
Our beloved will say,
“She loved us, and she made us better.  She initiated us into the mysteries of love, and we may now pass these secrets on, to those who need them.
“She taught us that we need not fight and hate,
“That we already have what we need within us, and we have a limitless supply to pass on to others.
“She was not just she. 
“She was the beloved of him and her and them,
“And she lives on in our hearts and minds.
“As long as we continue to love each other,
“And be strong in this manner,
“She will live on with us.
“She will be fruitful and multiply.”
They will carry the universe with them,
Dissolve themselves into the sunrise,
Embrace the ghosts of the past
(They swim like minnows in their blood,
(And live in their eyes,
(And walk beside them--)
All because you had the courage to love.
What else is there?
(And they were happy!)

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's wonderful book God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater and Steve Hogarth's wonderful lyrics to A Few Words For The Dead from Radiation.  Sorry for the long absence--I'd like to dedicate this to Jini Kim Watson, a professor of English at NYU.  Her kindness and willingness to meet with me renewed my passion for reading and writing.

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