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The Accident

December 8, 2015
By LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
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It’s so hard for me to breath
Something big is pushing me
The only thing that I can see ……
Is a car hood and it's color red
When the car stops
My butt hits the ground with a plop,
and a wave of pain shoots from it to my head
Now I see why people hate monday I think
Jessh, I knew I should have stayed in bed

The author's comments:

Wrote this to make me feel better after getting hit by a jeep while on my bike tring to get home after school. The poor girl the hit me was talking on her phone and talking to her friends in the back seat when she turned on to her street with out looking she nailed me to her hood and I don't rember much after that other than I didn't get crushed and I'm alive..YAH Take that but in the bike vs car the car won, my bike was totaled 

Be safe don't text and drive

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