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December 16, 2015
By tes1634 PLATINUM, Olive Hill, Kentucky
tes1634 PLATINUM, Olive Hill, Kentucky
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I know you've just woken up,

And I know your hair is sticking

straight up in the back,

And your eyes are still sleeping,

half shut.

I hope with those half shut eyes,

you see the light creeping in from your window,

even though the blinds are closed,

and that you think of me 

and how I would have opened them.

I hope you roll over and reach for me

and frown when you remember

I am not there.

I hope you sign, somehow still exhausted,

and when you roll back over

you hug your pillow tight against your chest.

I hope you miss me, 

even though I haven't been gone long enough 

to miss.

I hope you miss me,

even though I was always with you,

even though you have no reason to,

I hope you really do,

even though.

I hope you remember what my voice

sounds like in the mornings

when I wake you up with too many kisses 

and not-wanted tickles and tall-tales about the time.

And I hope that you know 

how much I loved seeing your beautiful eyes open

in the mornings.

I hope you wake up every morning without me,

with half open eyes and messy hair

and a smile.

Because wherever you are,

you know you are always loved.

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