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Empty Spaces

September 13, 2015
By ClaraJoy GOLD, Arlington, Virginia
ClaraJoy GOLD, Arlington, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes I freeze...until the light comes
Sometimes I fly...into the night
Sometimes I fight...against the darkness
Sometimes I'm wrong...sometimes I'm right."
-Geddy Lee sang it, Neil Peart wrote it.

Woke up this morning,
Asked you to get breakfast,
Then realized you were gone.
I walked the hotel room,
And left before dawn.
The road unwinds before me,
And I run to the horizon, from
Death and God and Sacrifice.
I would rather end with the world
Than live in it without you.
I take another drink,
But it still doesn’t kill the pain,
So I turn the keys in the ignition,
And begin to run again
I run like light from shadow,
And sleep gives me no rest.
God has broken his promise,
And the morning star shines dead.

The author's comments:

Early season six, wink wink, nod nod.  An homage to Anne Porter's Four Poems in One

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