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I am insensitive

June 29, 2015
By Dynamo DIAMOND, Lahore, Other
Dynamo DIAMOND, Lahore, Other
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I used to think falling in love would be personal. But it's all a big public show.

There were times when I should have stopped
For mere lack of words
But I made them up and went along
Ridiculing them who deserved
I have been haunted enough
That nothing scares me anymore
The world going mad, or worse, tumbling down
Where ‘order’ is only a chore
I am heedless to the rising dawn
I ignore the setting sun
I have no time for roosting birds
Or silent streams that run
I can hurt and not realize
What damage I can do
I learned to speak up for myself—now
It’s all taunts and lies; directed at you

You may call me heartless

Faithless, inhumane, negative
What little was left for me to care
Is gone—I am insensitive
Yes! I am insensitive, in a world
That screams for petty woes
A world where love is a shattered dream
Scattered over shores
A world that is meant to be, and yet
Cannot truly be pensive
In a world that cares too much—for all the wrong things
I am insensitive

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