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; jealousy

April 20, 2015
By oyabeun BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
oyabeun BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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the way it hits you’d think the sky was falling 
her chest is fluttering and everyone trembles (quivers) breathe right, hold yourself carefully
clad in iron and armor, mi amor you’re not the soldier you thought you could be
you’d think my hands would know to stop shaking by now
     i can hear your voice in my head plugged in through my ears
and god
you make my heart stop

uneasiness crawls its way into my eyes and scatters in splintering pieces of light
they fall from my fingers. i can’t catch anything, not the orange peels you throw on the ground
nor the cringe of cracking syllables (‘cause that’s how your name sounds)
)but the clicking of the clock ticks on(

- you’re not so sharp anymore, not since you’ve been stuffed full with cotton

and i wake up: 530(the sun splits(
and you’re awake: 545(shades of blue look really good on you(
we sleep: 3)softly. divided- quietly, the static buzzes(

we’re only a few wavelengths apart ; you’re not too fast if i can still keep (up) 
slow down! repeat. that’s what it takes to fall flat on your feet
hold yourself steady ‘cos i’ve got this throbbing heart,and it still hurts to breathe
you’d think all the walls would have crumbled // what with all these tremors
and the nervous systems have closed (down)
and the vascular bundles have choked (up)
see how you are,grasping and reaching (out)
to be thickly rooted,for the very center of the earth
- see how you are,the very center of my earth (no matter how muted)

i. tell me: what do you think of clammy hands?
ii. tell me: what do you think of thicker girls?
iii. tell me: what do you think of slender necks?
iv. tell me: what do you think of sweeter worlds?
- i’ve got a sick feeling in my gut

i hear another falling of quiet giggles like leaves
i think(please don’t interrupt
)(or disturb my peace
)i think-----
x. i am afraid of spring

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