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April 15, 2015
By CeceE14 BRONZE, Rosemount, Minnesota
CeceE14 BRONZE, Rosemount, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:

I am sick. 

I don't have measles,

Don't have mumps

Don't got green and purple bumps


Here's why I am sick:


The yall died

While I cried

Everything is gone

I wish I weren't so strong

Still I live.


World devastatd 

Cities cremated

Still I live.


Meteor shower?

I think not

Meteor pelting, fire flood, and

People dead to rot.

Still I live.


How I survived,

You should ask.

I'll tell how I lived 

Through the gruelling task

How, still I live.


I am love

I am hope,

I am as big as the sky,

But now I die.

The author's comments:

Inspired by Shel Silverstien's Where the Sidewalk Ends and the cover of a book I saw once at the library.

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