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Had I Been Alice...

February 22, 2015
By LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
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I once picked an unknowing bottle
and drank it to the core
it shrank me to a gnat-sized me
and hurried me through a door

upon the passage through
I nearly drowned in my own tears
but then I reached a sunny coast
and my sadness disappeared

I was welcomed by animal-like beings
That strangely spoke in a similar tongue
They sang and spun and approached me
asking, “Darling, do you know fun?”

I should say I thought I had
until I experienced this day-dream land
so I shook my head and took awkward steps
and reached hold of their extended hands

I smiled honest smiles like never before
I was so glad to have opened the untelling door

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on Mar. 31 2015 at 9:26 pm
camera_shy123, Roanoke, Virginia
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I loove this (thankfully happy) poem!!