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They're Just Evil People

February 8, 2015
By NarutosimG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
NarutosimG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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They’re just
evil people
who do not care

They’re just
evil people
who are unfair

They’re just
evil people
without a heart

Why should
I give a dam
from the start.

I did nothing wrong
yet they made it seem
like it was my fault 

what did I do
to deserve to have
a shatter heart.

Why should I have
these fragments when I
did not do anything discourteous

to them
or anyone else
like they did to me.

That they can
just run open
wild and free

while I am left
behind with these rugged
shadows that they cast upon me.

I am a human being
yet they do not treat me
like a sister.
You know what I do not care
I just won’t treat them
like my equal any longer.

You evil people
are just so cold colder
than snow you have no guilt

and no shame
how dare you look
directly in my eyes and face

and act like everything
is just fine who the f***
you think you are.

I do not deserve
to be play like a piece of s***
as you giggle and smile with no hesitation

whatsoever when you are by me
knowing damn well what you did to me
yet you treat me like I am a fool for your gotdam entertainment.

You are the
reason why my
heart hurt,

you are the
reason why I do
not care as much anymore,

and you are
the reason why I hate
a lot more than I could ever image

That is why
I will never forgive you
as long as I live.

If only you knew,
if only you knew ,oh
if only you knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I’ll say it again
I do not care what you
think of me for I hate you

in every single bone
in my body and that properly
won’t ever change as long as I am alive.

As you evil people
took my kindness for
my weakness and nearly destroyed it for your sick pleasure

I’ll make sure that
won’t ever happen again,
but that okay for all the things you did wrong to me

it just made me
a whole hell a lot stronger
then you could of ever thought

as I stand
upon this stage
that is my sanctuary

and beside in the future
I won’t have to see your faces again
for years to come dare I say it hallelujah,

and also if we ever ran into
each other within that time I will not
remember you for I will be too happy doing my thing

to remind myself
for the pain you have cause me
and easily think of you nothing but a stranger

apart of the world
mix with good people
that make this world wonderful

and you evil people
you know who you are
that make it so gruesome
hope God bring you
justice to clean up the flit
that you litter all over it. 

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Aruthi said...
on Feb. 20 2015 at 11:26 am
Aruthi, Batticaloa, Other
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Favorite Quote:

fantastic. write more

Starakk SILVER said...
on Feb. 11 2015 at 6:41 am
Starakk SILVER, Nowhere, Other
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True! :) Keep writing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!