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Requiem for a Nightmare

February 6, 2015
By RabbitStew13 GOLD, Atlanta, Georgia
RabbitStew13 GOLD, Atlanta, Georgia
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As I look upon you in death –
A shriveled mask bearing a gruesome grin,
Wild yellow eyes ringed with black blood
A tangled cloak of midnight feathers –
Even your corpse seems to taunt me:
Wicked red lips, frozen stiff by the grave
Flutter in my imagination and jeer me,
“Congratulations, love. You’ve done it.
Wonder how long it’ll take your mind to snap,
Now you’ve killed the best company you’ll ever have?”
I can imagine you cackling with vicious glee
As you continue torturing me, even through the flames and torments,
As memories of you force me into my own personal hell,
And as you remind me that you’ve gouged your own marks into me,
Though I jammed a blade into your spine and twisted cruelly,
Though I beheaded your corpse and tore out your heart,
Though I struck a match and watched you go up in smoke.
I left my scars in your flesh and spilled your blood, no doubt,
But you’ve left me scarred as well, left scars that go beyond healing
            beyond redemption
            beyond pain
            beyond forgetting
and as long as your grinning face in death is burned into my memory,
you’ll taunt me forever more, through the grave that separates us,
you’ll haunt me until my own dying day, until I meet an end
you’ve stung me into thinking
I deserve

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#gore #filler

Literally wrote this because I'd been stagnant for a long time and I was feeling psychotic and nightmarey. It's pretty rough, and the line breaks may be a little off, so please tell me what you think

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on Feb. 17 2015 at 3:16 pm
Undertaker SILVER, Tryon, Nebraska
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da fuq...... I LOVE IT. I am a very gruesome person but this really spoke to me. I am not sure why but I like it. Keep writing you have a talent keep this up.