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January 2, 2015
By EEKgirl GOLD, Tigard, Oregon
EEKgirl GOLD, Tigard, Oregon
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Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ~ George Santayana

when i was a wee girl

(very small)

i did not always pronounce things correctly


a word i struggled with

(for years)

was renaissance


not because i could not say it

(i could)

but because i got it confused with




i am far older

(and perhaps wiser)

and i wonder


was that wee girl

(i was very small)

onto something?


something i had not yet considered?

(it is possible)


in a way,

is not a renaissance




do you not

(in a renaissance)



the dictionary

(i love dictionaries)

says a renaissance

is a rebirth

or revival


when you resist something,

are you not


forced to remake (rebirth) that thing?


perhaps the two are connected-


or perhaps it is merely late

(i am tired)

and i have been reminiscing for far too long.

The author's comments:

i was inspired while in my u.s. history class... 

but i did not write until late one night

because that is how i work.

(and because i do not sleep enough)

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