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what love is

November 23, 2014
By abomnibal BRONZE, Leeds, Other
abomnibal BRONZE, Leeds, Other
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'its always fun when you think your in love' Fun? No. Love is the essence of life and yet the destroyer. Love is death, but also birth. love, true love, is not 'meant to be' but the moment you draw your first breath it is already decided. Love is a beautiful angel, but also a rotting devil beneath the surfice. Love is pure, cleansing, dirty and depressing. Love is the deadly pink, sweet smelling poisen that seeps in to your head and squeezes your soul. But love is the thougt that fills your head every day. Cupid is not a young cherib with a perfect shot. Love is blind, blind to the chaos and horror. Love is deaf, deaf to the screams of agony and sorrow. Love takes the shape of an old man blind, deaf with a limp and a walking stick, a patch over his eye and the shakes in his hands. love is in every one of us yet in only one of us.

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