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The Burning Flames

October 6, 2014
By XxSmilesxX GOLD, Thomasville, Georgia
XxSmilesxX GOLD, Thomasville, Georgia
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Depression is like a war, you either win, or die trying.

Reaching ever so slightly for your hand
As you whip it out of reach
With nothing to grab, nothing to hold
I'm falling, towards the burning flames of a fire

Closer you fall, the warmer it gets
Until your clothes are caught on fire
Reaching ever so slightly for the bucket of water
You whip it out of reach
With nothing to put the fire out with
I'm burning, burning to death

No longer relying on anybody
No help, nor a hand
You hear soft spoken words
Of somebody claiming they care.. That they're there
The faint whisper fades to nothing
And once again
Your left with no help, nor a hand

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