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Self Harm

September 29, 2014
By Marinasayshi__ BRONZE, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Marinasayshi__ BRONZE, Stoughton, Massachusetts
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She sits in her room
All the lights out
As she thinks to herself
“What do I do now?”
She pulls out a razor
Thin and long as the
Voice in her head whispers
“And you thought you were strong”
The blade across her
Wrist as the blood trickles
Down, and no matter how
Much she cries no one
Hears a sound.
She goes to school the
Next day with a long
Shirt to cover her cuts
But no one cares about how
She feels, she’s just the
School s***.

The author's comments:

Some people do not realize how badly they hurt others by what they do and say. It's heartbreaking. 

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