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September 1, 2014
By Icithra PLATINUM, Arlington, Massachusetts
Icithra PLATINUM, Arlington, Massachusetts
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Old wrinkled hands

Claws gripping a gold leaf railing

Strait back

Nose tilted

Thinning hair grasping at a crown

Pride filled eyes


The land unrolled

A map unfurled

Mountains bowing

Oceans groveling

Forests cowed

And rivers stymied


An army marching

Cacophony of drums

Dust blooms like the spring flowers

Trampled underfoot


Power and majesty

Awe and glory

Praise the Lord

Praise the King


Eyes alight upon fires

A moth drawn to a light

Graveyards filled to bursting

Spilling what should never overflow

Eyes spy men screaming

Children bawling

Widows grieving.


The back slumps


Chin droops

The eyes dim

Guilt seizes the chest

Clutches stomach

Never goes away

And wars continue, addicting

Heart searching for a place

With peace

Mind with no idea how to go about

Building utopia.

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