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I Wish

August 29, 2014
By Chala SILVER, Sonora, California
Chala SILVER, Sonora, California
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Favorite Quote:
"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."-The Great Gatsby
"All the world's a stage."-Hamlet

I wish

that in six months

from now

we can all still remember this day

and that in a year

we are all still getting along

and singing


marching on

and that in three years

we are the sophomores

the juniors

that have known each other


at least

the seventh

and eighth grade

or in short

since innocence

and be those kids

who spoil it for each other

and yet

will still act

as young as we please

and never mind the looks we get

the sophomores

and juniors

who have been a part

of every




and concert


and that in five years from now

we’ll all be

starving college students


and dancing

striving towards excellence

another bowl of ramen

and some more caffeine

and in ten years from now

we are out

doing what makes us happy

being parents

learning more

or working our tails off

and that in twenty years from now

we are still living life

to the fullest

and that the music still plays

and that in forty years from now

we are still singing


marching on

standing in the spotlight

perhaps together

but maybe not

and in sixty years from now

we can all still speak truly

to the statement:

you’ve got a friend in me

that in eighty years we can all still remember

each others names

I wish that in ninety-nine years

we will be the people who far exceeded

one hundred

we will be the people buried together

or maybe not

having known each other since

the beginning

buried side by side

or left for ash

where our Earthly forms



and marching on

will run along together

perhaps in a river

like our spirits will in heaven

like our lives are doing right now

I wish

The author's comments:

Second time around, the first time when I copied and pasted, it all turned out in code format.

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