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I'd Miss You

August 23, 2014
By AliciaMarzolf DIAMOND, Cupertino, California
AliciaMarzolf DIAMOND, Cupertino, California
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Your voice is shattered into two million pieces as you tell me,
“I don’t want to live anymore.”
You don’t meet my eyes, and you couldn’t anyway;
Yours are too clouded with tears to see anything but shadows.
I gently reach out to touch your beautiful face,
Beautiful even when you are so heartbreakingly broken.
I want to tell you that you shouldn’t let yourself go,
That you matter too much to force yourself to depart,
But I know that I’ll just sound cliché.
Yet all of the clichés are true,
And so I am at a loss for words.
All I can do is pull you close to me and wipe the tears from your beautiful eyes,
Beautiful even when you are so heartbreakingly broken.
Even though I know it’s too late,
I want you to know that I’d miss you if you were gone.

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