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The Tsunami Within

March 20, 2014
By kenzie_treub DIAMOND, Orlando, Florida
kenzie_treub DIAMOND, Orlando, Florida
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These are the days I love the most.
When the sun hangs low on the horizon.
When its long, stretching rays cut through the fog.
The occasional pitter patter of rain cutting through the already stilled puddles
Signaling the end of a downpour.
There’s something tragically beautiful about the rain.
The smooth shift from a monsoon to a drizzle.
It’s effortless, miraculous the way something so angry can turn beautiful in the spur of a moment.
It’s random, uncontrolled.
It’s a natural manifestation of me.
It’s so incredibly peaceful one second,
and the next it’s a flurry of clear droplets-flying through the air.
They pelt the pavement,
the liquid ricocheting in a beautiful splatter through the air.
Ironic, how after but a few seconds I grow to love the pour.
The dull roar, the cool splash on my skin.
The sharp sting of each bullet on my shoulders only grounds me to the reality of the tsunami falling from the heavens.
Falling in love with the pain.
A despairing metaphor
Yet one I find oddly comforting.
Sitting on the hood of my mother’s car,
watching the rain as it flows down.
It’s a bizarre perspective.
Up is straight ahead.
Another strange similitude.
The way heaven seems just in front of me.
Keep moving forward
Reach out and I can just touch it.
I believe in the light at the end of the tunnel.
The allusive resolution that spreads out before me.
It escapes me today, yesterday and tomorrow,
but still I reach out,
raking my fingers through the clouds
The pads of my fingers occasionally pricking on a bolt of lightning.
My hand shaking with the thunder that rattles through the skies of heaven.
Yet it steadies with the hope, the faith that tomorrow I will sleep easier
Emerge braver,
Surface stronger.
My versatility will shine brighter,
and so I fight on, a jagged rock in a rushing river
Breaking through the current with each word flowing from the tip of my tongue, with each step forward through the streets of oblivion.
Until someday all in good time I’m watching the rain from a new perspective.
Watching it trickle down from my safe-house in the skies.
Safe, whole.
A tried and true soul liberated.

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