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If Mirrors Were Windows

February 19, 2014
By EEKgirl GOLD, Tigard, Oregon
EEKgirl GOLD, Tigard, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ~ George Santayana

If mirrors were windows, and windows were doors,
Would doors be ceilings, and ceilings be floors?
And if nonsense was, and sense fantasy,
Then would wisdom be knowledge, and knowledge be free?
Of what we complain, if it did disappear,
Would we be happy, or un-content here?
So pain might be pleasure, and pleasure pain,
But if that did happen, what would we gain?
If life as we know it was brought to it's knees,
Would we survive, or our lives pay the fees?
'Tis wise to remember, when things seem to fail,
That even worse things could always set sail;
For if mirrors were windows, and windows were doors,
We might meet true evil, that which we abhor.q

The author's comments:
I'm not entirely sure where this came from. I thought it was going to be cheerful, but... That really didn't happen.

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