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In The Cage

February 12, 2014
By _madhubrata_ PLATINUM, Calcutta, Other
_madhubrata_ PLATINUM, Calcutta, Other
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Her journey began
Like everyone else's
A foetus safely nestled
In her mother's womb.
Wrapped in the darkness
Which was all she knew.
She grew.

And then,one blazing afternoon in April
They plucked her out.
She turned out to be a girl,
Disappointed them from the start.
Her cries were too loud.
Her skin,far too dark.

In her ignorance,she was blissful.
And within her body,
She bloomed.

At five,she liked the way her mouth
Split into a smile so wide,
And she liked the lips for they
Let her kiss her mother's cheeks.
But her legs were too weak to let her run,
They explained to her.

She believed.

At ten,she struggled to understand
The mysteries within her.

At twelve,she started to bleed
And she broke out in acne.
Watched red streaks disfigure her face.
They said she must be fixed.

She believed.

And she learnt to feel hate.
The first thing that ever felt real.

They told her to look for the beauty within her.
So she fought for a glimpse of her own soul.

She found angels there,sleeping.
And demons lurking.

And she found a darkness unknown
So she sought the one she had known.
Whilst she had slept in her mother's womb.

She could not crawl back there.

So she thought of other ways to escape.

At fifteen,she tried to fight
Against herself.
And when she was tired,
Scarred with battle wounds self inflicted...
Well,she tried to die then.
Fly to the pitch black sky.

To the familiar darkness
Which she craved.

But they found her out
They took away her blades
And her other keys to escape.

So she curled up within herself.
And let herself be lulled to sleep.

Wide hips.Long legs.Painted smile on a painted face.
She sleeps in her cage.
With the angels,and the demons of those fairytales.

The darkness,the silence,she craved.

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