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Don't Panic

February 6, 2014
By Malorie PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
Malorie PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
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"So shines a good deed in a weary world."

Everything stop
I glance around, looking
There is no way out
I'm trapped
Trapped inside my own body
Heart throbbing, Throat closing
No focus, it's all a blur
Maybe I am dying
I'm sure I am
My hands tingle, My legs numb
Cold sweat drips off my nose
As fast as it started it ends
I take a deep breath in
It's over
The fear is gone
"Are you okay?"
Yes. I am ok
I still worry though
How long will I be "okay"?

The author's comments:
I have Panic and it is a daily struggle. The worry of that next attack is distracting and the looks you get from people when they see makes you feel like a caged animal. I wrote this one day after I had passed out and was stressed.

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