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Ramblings Of Insanity

January 22, 2014
By _madhubrata_ PLATINUM, Calcutta, Other
_madhubrata_ PLATINUM, Calcutta, Other
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I sit
I'm surrounded by people

I watch
I hear
I listen to them talk
I try to feel
But I return to nothing

Their voices wash over me
I don't understand
Why do they bother at all?

I sit where no one can see me
I'm invisible
Or as good as

I'm glad

I gather my loneliness around me
Like a blanket
Comforting and protecting

All around me,there is a vague buzz
Of voices rising higher
Uninspired laughter
You're no different from me
After all

I hear voices in my head
I try to focus
But with the noise all around
I can't hear

I sit
I think
I wonder

Why am I here?
This is not where I belong?

I gather the blanket
Still closer
And I walk ahead

I see people running in different directions
I rely on my cover for protection
I walk ahead

Someone grabs me by the shoulder
Forces me onto a chair
They talk to me
They try to fix me
They try to make me just like them
I-I don't want the same

The more they talk
The more the voices in my head grow quite
I yell in horror
I need them

I block them out
So I can hear me clear
The voices scream in my head
I can't bear it either

Tune in,tune out
There's no release I fear

So I run
I run away
I flee
I can't escape
Not them,not myself

But I run
I run in circles

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