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The Mind Made Up of Swiss Cheese

January 13, 2014
By ElenaSnapz PLATINUM, Western Springs, Illinois
ElenaSnapz PLATINUM, Western Springs, Illinois
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Do you know the British woman who walks around the British Home?
She lives at the far end of the long corridor, the last door on the right.
In the morning she sleeps till late noon,
In the afternoon she wanders about the building to find the library.
She grabs a few books and a free apple to go-
heading back to her bedroom then sits down on her couch to start her new book.
Flipping through the pages her eyes scan over the letters-
her eyes glance over the same line for a few minutes.
The line finally makes sense in her head and she reads on,
however, the information she reads will not be remembered.
Everyday, every interaction she has with other people-
she will not remember.
Unless it is about her past, she remembers that;
Otherwise it is there for a few moments, then disappears.
It is almost as if her mind is like a piece of swiss cheese,
some information stays, and other information falls through the holes.
In the evening she stands by her window,
and watches the sunset, as the sun falls by her window-
and welcomes the darkness of nightfall.
Late in the evening, she loves to make herself a kettle of tea,
the whistle of the kettle cries out- it is done.
She has a specific tea ritual she performs nightly,
pouring the steamed water into her tea cup,
then slowly steeping the tea.
Because if you steep it too long, you have the grains from the tea in the water-
if you steep it too short, you have not as much flavor as you should.
She takes her tea spoon and whirls it in the tea; slowly adding the sugar
which spins through the whirlpool and sinks to the bottom of the cup.
In the morning the next day,
the routine begins all over again-
with a few exceptions.
She slips on her coat, and puts on her shoes.
She makes her way out of the building and towards the bike path and begins striding along.
What does she care if somebody says she
can no longer walk around outside?
Due to her illness that she is oblivious of having, she would still take her daily walk.
What does it matter to her if the path is closed on one
side? She will then just walk on the side of the pathway that was open.
If you try to talk to her,
She will not give you an answer, but she will give you a smile then will stroll back to the building-
because it is tea time.

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