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Your palms

January 9, 2014
By Orangesummer PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
Orangesummer PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
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On that night
I remember distinctly
Having fingers curling through yours
Twined like sheets
And I felt your warm palm press against mine
As if you’d done it a thousand times
And you’d do it a thousand times again
But I remember your lips
Seemed to move as though we’d die tomorrow
And the funny thing is
When I awoke in your arms
I realized that not even in our sleep
Could we be separated
And I thought about how much happier I’d be if I woke up this way every morning
To your tired eyes
And sleepy lips
Pulling into a smile
When you realize
I’m awake
And you open your palms
Like flowers to the sun
And reach for me

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