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January 4, 2014
By Sileron-evol PLATINUM, Providence, Rhode Island
Sileron-evol PLATINUM, Providence, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
"we are captives of our own identities, living in prisons of our own creation"

Let’s just disregard the outside world
Forget her,
Please forget her
How do you feel?
When you imagine touching me
In such a manner
That once your fingers start trickling down my body like raindrops
It consumes me
I stop breathing
I cannot speak
My vocal chords are being suffocated
By your lips.

I wish you would let me in
I want to make you smile
Listen to your voice for hours and hours on end
Let’s try.
Forget everyone else.
You and I.
No one else.

My thoughts are scattered in my mind
Of you
Of you..
I want you.
I want to absorb your thoughts
Your ideas
Understand them
Visualize them,
Like you do.

What if.
We actually tried
And we were magical?

The author's comments:
wrong timing- alexis.

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