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Not A Slave For You

December 19, 2013
By ListenToTheNonsense320 PLATINUM, Hallandale Beach, Florida
ListenToTheNonsense320 PLATINUM, Hallandale Beach, Florida
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I’m not your slave, as you see I’m not restrained.
There are no chains around my wrists or ankles.
I’m free as a bird, I’m not in a cage.
I’m not trapped inside of four walls.
The air is fresh and the meadows are vast.
I’m not tied to a leash, I don’t have to stay by your side.
I’m not attached to reins, I can run off as I please.
I’m not your performer, I don’t dance at your whim.
I’m not a tune that sounds only for you.
I don’t live for you, you’re not my reason for being.
I may come and leave as I wish.
Yet, I’m here, am I not?
And here I’ll stay not because I need you,
Not because you’re my reason for living,
Not because you’re the light of my life.
I love you by choice.
And I can walk away by choice.
And if you leave, I’ll move on.
But if you don’t, neither will I.

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