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Behind the Mask

November 1, 2013
By Pargaran SILVER, New Glasgow, Other
Pargaran SILVER, New Glasgow, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Be who you are, and say what you feel. Because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
-Dr. Seuss

He was confused
never knowing
what he should do
with himself
his time
his life
He hated that
his family never
accepted him
for who he
really was

She was broken
Full of regret
did not know what
she should do
to recover herself
She had just
wanted love
but it never seemed
to be found
Maybe she just
was not looking
hard enough

Then one day
the two lives
were rearranged
The girl met
this dude
But he was not sure
how to take
her sweet
but broken

on the other hand
wondered why
he acted so
when she
played with
his name
A touche subject?
She had asked
but in response
he just

Days got warmer
and the two
became closer
But each day
he was bothered
Would they separate?
He began to wonder
This lie
he had told her
he could not contain
It had to be
let out
he had to
come clean

She felt trapped
and disheartened
how could he love
someone so damaged
so dirty
Why would he
stay by her
when she had
such guilt
But she knew
in her heart
that she would tell
and break down the walls
she had built
Can we sit down?
She began to
here it comes
her dreaded
sorrowful fate
She felt guilty
and very sorry
Now that it
was time
to shed light
on her story
He will do
what he likes
She thought to herself
To leave her
to stay
but she knew
either way
their lives would be
so dramatically

Oh God
he prayed
help me be bold
and tell her
the story
she needs to
be told
I want her
to accept my
painful past
please God
I need her
to see clearly
at last

They sat there
both shaken
and scared
What will happen
after the truth?
But neither knew
both were choosing
to be blind
Not seeing
what the other
was hiding
The boy
spoke first
Oh please
hear me out
there is something
about me
you do not know
The girl was
What could he
She thought
she had saw
all there was
to be seen

I am not
who you think
that I am
Oh jeez
I am so sorry
I cannot
even believe
I kept this
from you
for so incredibly long
I know you will
shun me because
you think
that it is wrong

But in all honesty
my darling
please hear
I am really
someone else
when I look
in the mirror
Someone hiding
and covering who
I really was
And it's time
you knew

She hushed
his voice
a tear flowing down
but her lips
could not form
into a frown
Do not say
such a terrible
I would never
turn you away
You are my life
you keep me

And I too have a secret
I need to share
and before
you continue
I warn you
It is awful
I am so broken
about it
But you must know
I worked my way
around it

She breathed

I was used
by the ones I wanted
to trust
All they did
was give in
to their hideous lust

And before
she went on
she paused
to hear weeping
coming from the boy
who understood
You are beautiful
I could never
the trust of one
who was treated
this way
I want you
to know
that I am not perfect
at all
I am not truly a man
I am actually

The author's comments:
I feel a sort of - connection - with these characters, and I hope I managed to bring them to life in this poem.

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