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Always in fear.

October 19, 2013
By FaizahYusuf PLATINUM, Frisco, Texas
FaizahYusuf PLATINUM, Frisco, Texas
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Everyone says that we should get together.
As if life would be any better.
He might like me,
And I might like him.
But I won't act on it because I am afraid. Always afraid.
He is not handsome, like the one before.
He is not risky, as the one before.
He won't take advantage of me.
But I can't be certain because I am afraid. Always afraid.
I like to act on the edge,
But don't like staying there for too long.
I like to take risks,
but only once in a while.
I like certainty,
So I can be one step ahead.
I like unpredictably,
But only if I'm certain that he won't do anything stupid.
I like safety,
because your safety can never hurt you.
He is safe, quiet, and cute.
The last one was trouble, loud, and irrovocabularily mine.
He might like me,
But what if he ends up like the last one if it ends.
I can't be certain because I am afraid. Always afraid.
But if I'm afraid,
I can't be the person I want to be.
My fear would hamper me
"Never fear," said the last one.
"When I am near."

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