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Forest Life

September 30, 2013
By CrazySissi GOLD, Newman Lake, Washington
CrazySissi GOLD, Newman Lake, Washington
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The forest life
in the meadow
and by the pond
fear the black covered sky

The forest life
creeps back into the shadows
of the trees
Only lingering leaves
blow in the breeze
across the meadow
and by the pond

For the forest life
quiets down waiting for rain to pour
and lighting to strike
The bunnies poke their head out
of their burrows
The squirrels lean out
of their trees
Even the littlest creatures
wait to see

The rain doesn't come
But a bright, light burns
in the distance
The cloud that they fear
will not bring water from the sky,
but will bring
smoke from the bright, burning light
spreading from one of man's campfires
The bunnies leap from their burrows
The squirrels scurry down their trees
Even the tiniest creature tries to leave
The flames draw nearer
burning the meadow
and skimming the pond
With the fire on their tails

None of the forest life stops to help
the little fawn who has fallen
limping she does try to get up
The others have all gone
leaving the little fawn
encircled by the smoke
the flames inching closer
The flames reflecting in her eyes
she runs with all her might
even with a horrible pain pounding
on her leg
She falls back down
no longer can she get up
Even through the fire is behind her
it will not stop
She closes her eyes
and tries not to cry

All the forest life
has left her to die
Then appears out of the smoke
a boy coughing in his sleeve
a boy trying to escape the forest fire
The fawn calls out
The boy stops
he looks at the fawn
then looks behind at the coming fire
and he leaves the little fawn
The little fawn puts her head down
ready to give up
all hope lost
with the fire inching closer
the smoke all around her
she holds her breath
A distant sound of footsteps once again
Is it so
Could it be
Yes, the boy came back
With his father to help
The father lifts
the fawn into his arms
The fawn is safe
for now

And all the forest life
will make a new home
even the little fawn

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