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Darkness and Color

September 21, 2013
By Kilikilakia2012 GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
Kilikilakia2012 GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
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It surrounds me
Fills me
Consumes me
Everything is black
I cannot see
The whirling wisps of fog
Cloud my head
I cannot think
Too much
Suddenly red flashes through my sight
It’s only streaks
And I push it down
They cannot see this
The roaring flood of red
Flows over me and around me
I compress it to inside me
Encased in an iron shell
It bangs against the walls
Begging to be let free
But I hold it back
Better to hurt myself than others
Then fingers of yellow leak through the pores
I cannot stop them
They escape
Leaping at those closest to me
I try to snatch them up but they only flee faster
Then darkness
I feel numb
A dull pain down deep
It pulls me down
Too much
Too much
I cannot do it
Suddenly the blackness around me
It presses in on me
Pushing, shoving
Trying to squeeze me smaller
I give in more and more
Oh how it hurts
The pain screams at me
but the blackness keeps coming
I don’t know what to do except give in
Slowly I condense, smaller and smaller
Then I break
I have nothing left
It all spills out at once
Blue, purple, green, yellow, orange,
And red
And they run

The author's comments:
This kind of describes how I feel when emotions are just surging through me.

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