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The Few of us

July 27, 2013
By C.Duncan GOLD, Robbinsvill, North Carolina
C.Duncan GOLD, Robbinsvill, North Carolina
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"When the world tells you NO, you just gotta look it straight in the face and tell it YES"
-Lil Wayne

The few of us
You see we just don’t get it.
We all have dreams but seem to forget it.
Where is the nation of cowboys and princesses?
It’s as if those dreams were marked with big red x’s.
Where are the dreamers that used to believe?
Before they were lied to and deceived.
As I look around at the suits and frowns,
I wonder if they were ever replaced by sheet capes or tinfoil crowns.
It seems that the race of dreamers are becoming extinct.
Being forced to stop acting “childish” and told what to think.
But there are the few of us. The few who survived the evolution that turned dreams to dust.
We are here.
And “we” can be you.
You just have to look past the haze and see what’s true.
That truth is in all of us.
And that truth is:
You will always get older, no matter what…
But you most certainly don’t HAVE to grow up.
So there are the few of us, no matter how old,
Who are,
Forever young.

The author's comments:
I believe that in the world today, the youth don't get enough time to have crazy dreams and actually be kids. Some adults seem so keen on making their children grow up as fast as they can. therefore they tell them things that I personally think should never be told to a child. That their dreams could never be achieved. And it is happening all too often. But me, I am still a dreamer. And i know that there are dreamers out there of all shapes and sizes.

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