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Where do people go when die?

May 4, 2013
By MJLoverNerd SILVER, Daingerfield, Texas
MJLoverNerd SILVER, Daingerfield, Texas
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Where do people really go when they die?

Do they really go to heaven or hell?

Or do they just go to sleep forever dreaming?

Dreaming about the origin of their life,

Finding answers they’ve been searching for since they were set to live.

Where do people really go when they die?

Do they really go anywhere?

Or do they just exist around us?

Watching us continue what they were interrupted from?

What happens to us when we die?

Do we just sit there as a “being" and sit outside where our bodies are rotting away?

Do we truly stay connected to the ashes that were once our living bodies?

Do any of these questions even matter?

What about us that are still here?

What do we feel?

Do we feel pain?



What about when we’re resting?

Sleeping away the feelings,

Replaying the memorable memories,

Going on in our yearning mind to just relive what we miss.

Where do people really go when they die?

When will we ever find out?

What happens to anyone when they do find the apprehensive deadly silent answer?

They won’t be able to tell.

What happens to a person when they murmur their final goodbye?

Do they know they only have minutes...seconds left?!

What happens when they finally pass on?

Do they try to linger near you and make sure their presence brings a comforting state of mind?

Do they know what they leave behind?

The family, the memories, the empty hole feeling inside you’ll be stuck with every time they find their way into your heart.....your brain signaling your nerves to just reminisce the love, the bitterness, the trauma, the aftershock of it all.

Where do really go when they die?

Wherever it is, hopefully it’s a better place.

A place where there is no suffering.

A place that is the answer to all given prayer.

A place where they’ll be with previous loved ones that were lost.

Where do people go when they leave us on this plane of the human eye existence?

Is it a place where our praise of them from our lips to diving ears hear?
Where do people really go when they die?

The author's comments:
Sometimes it's nice to ask a question. I recently experienced a loss in my family, and it just really got me thinking about life and death, and just so many questions I had in my head, I had to write. To express. Just to get it all out there what maybe I'm not just thinking.

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