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An Anime-Obsessed Geek's Ode To Ramen

February 15, 2013
By AisuP SILVER, Los Angeles, California
AisuP SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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I broke the shackles that I built myself, because I didn't feel like wearing them anymore.

The day we met
Was on Christmas
A few years ago.
Mother did not want me to meet
She said it would be bad for me.
But you were the best present
An otaku* like me
Could wish for:
Ramen Noodles.
And you've managed
To keep yourself on that
For a while now.
Beating marshmallows,
As your soup is the color
They are supposed to be
But never are.
You come ahead of headphones as well,
Even though you're both tangled,
You are not as annoying.
And your green onions and carrots
Are like jewels
Floating in the sea.
You've been with me
Through the good times,
When you smelled
Like the happy times of
And through the bad times,
During which you smelled
Of the somber memories
From the first winter.
You've inspired me,
When the evil Writers' Block
Plagued my mind.
You've never said anything to me,
But your silence speaks
More than my so-called
Ever could.
You're more than ordinary soup,
Like how an anime is more
Than an American cartoon.
You've fed the poor
And the lonely;
Healed the souls
Of the outcasted
And the helpless.
My friends say
You are one of God's gifts
To us on earth.
You are for
Sleep, pacification, stress-relief,
Or just a good meal.
And fill us with
The same good feeling one gets
When a baby smiles at them.
You've taken care of me,
And for that
I am thankful,
For during those times, you've
Taught me
As well.
After all,
Who needs to go to a dance party
When they have ramen
And a good manga**?

*Otaku- A person heavily involved in the fandom surrounding anime and manga.
**Manga- Japanese graphic novels or series of these novels.

The author's comments:
I had to write an ode to a common object for English. I thought to myself, "Why not ramen?" and went with it on a whim.

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