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That Way

February 19, 2013
By Malorie PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
Malorie PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
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"So shines a good deed in a weary world."

You got her hopes up,
To crush them down,
Boy you screwed up,
You ran out of town,
She only tried to say hello,
But you were focused on goodbye,
She thought you were a good fellow,
But now she cries,
Day and night the tears stroll down,
Bringin back the pain without a sound,
She has regret, but relief comes in,
She still doesn’t talk to her friends,
You broke her,
You cut her deep,
She only escapes when she’s asleep,
That’s where she tries to stay,
That’s how she fades away,
But now she’s done,
She’s through with you,
You’ve had your fun,
She finally knows what's true,
This isn’t the end,
She’ll always miss you,
But she’ll talk to her friends,
They’ll help her through,
You will be remembered,
All the time,
To us a mistake,
But she doesn’t want to think of you that way,
No not that way.

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