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Dangerous Dancing

December 22, 2012
By msp49 BRONZE, Middletown, Connecticut
msp49 BRONZE, Middletown, Connecticut
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My eyes will never search for you,
but my heart yearns for your worthless face,
distorted by smiles shaded a darker hue,
I never liked this dance.

Feet shifting, tripping continuously,
my pace has slowed down, aches spreading,
I’m taking our play so seriously,
and know the steps you’ll be making.

The sweat’s rolling hotly out,
and your feet move swifter to the tone of heat,
your moisture can’t amount,
because you’ve adjusted and recognized my defeat.

It wasn’t passion in our movements,
only warm, slow kindling fire lasts,
the quicker the heat increased,
the quicker the fire was quenched.

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