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Beauty and Cruelty

October 16, 2012
By CK310 BRONZE, Monsey, New York
CK310 BRONZE, Monsey, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what your not" ~Kurt Cobain

Coiling, choking, black smoke
fills the air.
Machinery grinding,
metal against metal.
Gunshots echo in the night
with a bang.
Crying children
Dying people.
Knives, swords, rifles, and bombs.
Hanging, strangling, starving, drowning, burning.
the fire roars within us.
it swallows and consumes.
it paralyzes our souls.
it contaminates and stains.
In a pit of despair we fall.
Not throwed, fallen.
We did this to ourselves-

Such a cruel dark word.

But I look around and all I taste is beauty.
I see light and feel warmth.
My heart hums and sings,
and I know peace in my soul.
Skies so blue they stretch in haze
on the horizon.
Sunlight so bright is shoots ripples
of warmth across my skin.
Roaring waterfalls send rainbows
misting through the air.
Babbling brooks that I skip through
with a splash.
Sweet birdsong and the gentle chirping
of crickets.
Daytime, bright and beautiful.
Nighttime- Quiet and comforting
in the glow of the moon.
It’s really a beautiful world we live in.

always better when shared with friends.
at the most random things.
okay to shed them once in awhile.
it surrounds us, in the craziest forms.
Live, learn, grow.

A perfect world would not be appreciated
if we did not know pain.
God gave the universe balance;
and every day I am blessed.
Cruelty is merely an illusion-
I may not know it now but
when I look back all I see

is beauty.

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