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You Are My Friend

October 9, 2012
By sadesdd DIAMOND, Elma, Iowa
sadesdd DIAMOND, Elma, Iowa
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You are my friend
Probably the best I will ever have
And now you left
And that just makes me sad
I lay in bed at night
And wonder if you think of me
Will you remember me?
Will you remember the times we had?
Even if it was for a short while?
Because I will never forget you
You and your funny ways
You brought the sun to my darkness
I didn't know light was possible
Until I talked with you
Then when I seen you in the dark
I had to reflect your glow
And I hope I did
Because you are too good of a person
To be rain
And I will miss you so much
I wish I didn't have to see you go
You understood me in ways
Another person never could
And I thank you for that
For listening
For being there
For sharing my tears
And understanding
I could tell you things
I couldn't tell anyone else
And that made me see light again
And now since you left
I don't think I will ever see light the same again
But you still left some here
So thank you
And I guess this is good bye

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