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October 5, 2012
By sadesdd DIAMOND, Elma, Iowa
sadesdd DIAMOND, Elma, Iowa
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Achievement is what he is looking for
He's at the starting line pumping his brain up
He looks at all the people behind him
He scoffs at the newbies
He whips his head around and waits
Like a lion stalking precious prey
He sets his sunglasses on his nose
The gun shoots like a painful explosion in the sky
He goes off saving his energy
He enjoys the feeling of the cold morning air
Some kids run by him
Snickering at his age
He keeps his pace not at all tempted to hurry after them
He keeps going and going
He gets faster as time goes on
He feels free
Soon he is close to the children that passed him
They are tired and out of breath and close to giving up
He blows by them like a canon on fire
And doesn't even look back
He feels free
He is having the most wonderful feeling you can experience
He is flying
In his heart and in his legs
As he crosses the line he accomplishes
Something tremendous
As the crowd cheers
And he feels like dying

The author's comments:
I dedicate to my daddy! For all the world to see your race stradagy. Keep on running!

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