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The LIfe of a Mouse

October 2, 2012
By golfgirl99 GOLD, San Ramon, California
golfgirl99 GOLD, San Ramon, California
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Oh, there it is.
A perfect dinner
for me and my kids.
This slice of holey cheese
no one will miss.

It lies on the rock
a long ten feet away
and though you may find this a shock,
for me life means danger.
You’re lucky; don’t talk.

I look carefully around
but once, twice, three times
nothing in sight but a mound
of hair; maybe leftovers from a hawk.
The coast is clear so I pound
my way over to my dinner.

Cheese, cheese, glorious cheese!
I’m closing in, about to claim it.
Oh! But a screech causes me to freeze
perfectly still from terror.
And out pounces a cat with claws as sharp as a bee’s

“Felicity,” it hisses.
“Juicy mouse, you’re perfect
for the dinner I almost missed.
Come here,” it says.
“I can’t resist
such deliciousness.”

I silently say goodbye
to my kids
and with a little sigh
I think to myself I could never outrun
this nimble cat so I’m about to die.

I wait for death with my eyes squeezed shut
but nothing comes
and I open my eyes to see the butt
of Seth, the farmer’s kid.

He’s scooping up the moody cat
and while he’s turned
I scurry away, shivering with fear and relief from that
near death of mine.

What a shame.
That cheese was almost mine.
But surely I’ll be showered with fame
from my kids, at least,
for my luck that Seth came.

I hurry back to my house.
I’ll live to see another day.
Oh, the life of a mouse!

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