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Can't You See?

September 10, 2012
By ElenaSnapz PLATINUM, Western Springs, Illinois
ElenaSnapz PLATINUM, Western Springs, Illinois
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Can’t you see?
I look outside, I listen very close,
I hear soft mourns,
I see people in black coats.
The gloomy autumn sky,
Can’t you see?
The sad, sad, sorrow that I see,
Emotion in the eyes is key,
Is it true that, can it be real?
That the kiss of death sealed?
The sea of black clothing,
The things I have felt
the feeling of mourning
The emotions I’ve dealt,
Wherever I look,
Wherever I turn.
I just can’t stop thinking about you.
I close my eyes tight and say a small prayer
To tell the Lord the sad, sad, sorrow,
Of soft cries and heavy grieving I’ve heard.
After a minute of silence, pure silence,
I felt calm slowly.
I had a feeling I’ve never had before now.
I felt at ease are you now resting in peace?
Am I really at ease or just delusional?
I hope I’m at ease.
It was eerie and I was scared
I don’t like these circumstances and I want to flee.
Reality really hit me.
She is now no longer here but,
I felt her presence.

The author's comments:
This poem is a mimic poem of the one written by Kelly Ann Fleming which was titled, "Can that Be?", written in 1998. And she was a victim of the Columbine. I really enjoyed trying to mimic her poem, and I hope you guys enjoy :)

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