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Me For Me

August 30, 2012
By michelleberta GOLD, Phenix City, Alabama
michelleberta GOLD, Phenix City, Alabama
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"We can't choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go."- Perks of Being A Wallflower

If you could see me for me,
See not my glasses and acne,
But see my true beauty,
My kindness and niceness.

If you could hear me for me,
Hear not my Speech Impediment,
But hear my voice for what it is,
Be it clear and easy to understand.

Please stop judging me,
And get to know me, for who I am,
Look beyond my imperfections,
And see my perfections.
After all, imperfection is Beauty.

The author's comments:
People bully me for my speech Impediment and my glasses and acne. I got tired of keeping it in so I wrote this. After I wrote this, I felt alot better about myself. I'm not going to let them bring me down anymore.

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