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Undefined Successes…..

August 22, 2012
By msprincess SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
msprincess SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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build a bridge and get over it

They way I see it is if you want to succeed you will push beyond you expectations and show everyone that it take times and passion to purse your dream and a dream is only a dream if you put forth accomplishing it , Life is not about struggles it’s how you overcome your struggle and there will be times when there is stress free time but it become the best time of your life and the worst time of your life at the same time just dream up because their people out their wanting to stomp people success because their actually making a difference in their life but me I’m living one day a time and seeing the different options I I have In life and sticking to my goals and pushing forth my effort will make me an even better person and having what it takes in my life to purse my dreams and what I want will make me just happy as richer person who just hit the lottery I’m do me as clear I’m not putting forth my foot till my dreams and goals are accomplished I’m, keeping my success to myself…..

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