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A New Life

August 14, 2012
By Kilikilakia2012 GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
Kilikilakia2012 GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
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It was dark and cold
A frosty world
Sparkling a false shine
Showed a false beauty
I thought it was real
I thought it all was real
Black and white swirled around me
I thought I knew
I thought I was in control
But the Cat was waiting
It watched me from high limbs
And dark shadows
I ran through the trees blindly
A few of them reached for me
I ran away, laughing in their faces
Thinking I had escaped
But I was only going deeper still into the Heart
When I started
My feet shied away from thorns and cold
But as I ran, they came to embrace them
Asking for them
It scared me, and yet I ran on
And the Cat watched me
My smiles turned to frowns
My laughter to tears
Whenever I thought I had won
There was another loss staring me in the face
At my side was a Wolf
It came with me
Watching me
Like the Cat
But it held me up when I cried
It warmed me when I froze
When I fell, it waited for me
Not able to touch me
Not yet
But it was always there to help me
On I ran
Until the Cat came to me
It stood in front of me
Blocking my path
Its blue eyes stared at me
It called to me
I started to walk towards it
But the Wolf did not follow
I waited for it
It could not come
The Wolf said it could not come with me
I cried as I ran
Ran to the Cat
It smiled as it took me to its side
Wrapping its tail around me
We walked farther into the forest
I turned back to the Wolf
The Wolf stared after me
A sad face watched as I walked away
Before turning away
And turning away running into the forest
Away from me
I cried
I called out to it
There was no answer
The cat pulled me along
The cold pressed in all around me
The thorns stabbed me
I fell to the ground
My tears froze on my cheeks
And the Cat walked on
I finally stopped
I could not go on
I needed the Wolf
I never knew how much
I looked up at the Cat
With sad wet blue eyes
I can’t
It came over me
Its claws tore into my chest
I screamed as it found my heart
A piece must go to me
It said
With its fangs it ripped out a piece of my heart
I lay on the ground
As it turned and ran away
My blood leaving a trail behind it
The cold swirled around me
The blood felt warm on my chest
I could hardly move
I turned around
And started crawling away from my blood
Away from the Cat
Towards the Wolf
I cried out
My pain attacked me with every inch I gained
My heart ached
I could not make it
I need the Wolf
I fell in the cold and the thorns
My blood seeped into the ground around me
I saw only darknes
Then I was warm
I was moving through the trees swiftly
Warm muscles moved under me
Blood had matted the fur I lay on
Trees blurred around me
I could not see
But I could feel
A heart beating below me
And I saw darkness
Suddenly I woke
I could still see my heart
There was a fresh wound at its side
Adding to the others already there
I lay in the grass
A rose lay by my head
Its beautiful petals reached up and out
To the sun
I looked up and saw the Wolf
It had saved me
Now I knew
I could see
The colors around me warmed me
I could feel my skin closing again over my heart
The scar would remain
But I was free
I ran with the Wolf
Into the colors
Filled with butterflies
And a new strength for myself
The Wolf had given me a new life

The author's comments:
I wrote this while chatting to my boyfriend because I always need something else to do at the same time and was tired of playing computer games. Just tell me what you think :)

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